Saturday, May 18, 2013

Christmas Cloaks for the Godsons

Last Christmas I was wracking my brain trying to figure out what I could do for two boys who live half the country away and that I don't see nearly often enough. As usual, things were a little tight so I went through my stash to figure out what I could make happen. Luckily, I still had some wools that I had been holding for their mother, my friend Katie. Add in a little cotton for the inside lining and some very cool dragon trim I'd been hoarding and the idea for some cozy cloaks was born.

I waited until the next sale at JoAnn's and picked up McCall's pattern #6420 and some cloak clasps. I felt weird getting a pretty-pretty princess pattern, but none of the other children's cloak patterns were on sale!

Katie sent me the boy's heights, and I did my best to figure it out. Kaiden's was easier, because it actually followed the pattern. Connor's was more difficult, because they don't really cut the patterns down to toddler size and I don't have access to any real-life models!

I had just enough of the blue wool to line the back  inside with it, and I used black cotton to line the parts that would actually touch his skin. For Connor's cloak, I had to be a little creative in the cutting to get just enough for the outside, so I did all the lining out of Symphony Broadcloth in brown.

My favorite part of both cloaks is the trim - that's why I hoarded it for so long! The trim is actually double-sided, so I used the side that was more purple for the blue cloak and reversed it to the mostly-gold side for the brown one.  I did have to employ a trick I learned from the Wooley's back in Fairbanks - using an iron to slightly round the trim before I sewed it down. I'm always surprised at how well it works, but it's saved me a lot of headache with wide trim on curved surfaces!

I still haven't seen any picture of the boys in them, but Katie tells me they fit well, and the boys enjoy playing superheroes! If she does ever send me pictures - and gives me permission - I would love to post pictures of the boys in their cozy cloaks.