This isn't a full list of all projects, but it should serve as a quick overview of some of my past projects. When available, links have been provided to relevant blog posts. This section is still under construction, so please be patient. More information is on the way. Thanks for visiting!

Viking Era Costuming

 An early attempt at Viking, made from denim-colored Pendleton Wool with all topstitching by hand.
My husband in his Bayeaux Tapestry-inspired linen tunic. The neckline was done entirely by hand, and all topstitching was done by hand, too.
 Updated Viking apron dress. Wool with
 Handsewn linen underdress with red linen apron dress. Trim is rigid-heddle woven pearl cotton in size 3/2.
Hedeby-Inspired cross-over tunic. Pendleton Wool in green and blue. All top-stitching has been done by hand.
 Red and black wool tunic. Sewn entirely by hand.

Medieval Era Costuming

Parti-colored linen cotehardie in my heraldic colors. All top-stitching by hand with hand-sewn eyelets for spiral lacing. Sewn 2002 or 2003.

Heraldic sideless surcoat in linen. All top-stitching by hand.

Blue wool cotehardie, sewn entirely by hand in 2004.

Renaissance Costuming

Red cotton overdress with muslin underdress and wool-blend long vest. Pieces sewn 2001 to 2003.

Orange and black Florentine dress, sewn entirely by hand in 2015. You can see step-by-step pictures of the project on the project's blog post.

Corduroy and silver doublet sewn for Mom's Age of Exploration classroom unit. You can see step-by-step pictures of the project on the project's blog post.

Weaving Projects

Pearl cotton bands woven with rigid heddle.

Tablet-woven bands in silk and linen. Weights range from sewing-thread to 16/2 size.

Tablet-woven bands in silk and linen.

Off-white and blue linen tablet woven band. Donated to be used as largesse before Gulf Wars XXIV.

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